Nigerian lady flaunts a wad of cash, an iPhone, food treats, plane tickets, bags, etc. after accepting a man’s proposal to be his girlfriend.

This is evident in a recent post she made on her page on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian lady receives iPhone, plane tickets, cash, bags, etc., after accepting man's girlfriend proposal
Lady gets iPhone, cash, etc., after accepting man’s girlfriend proposal.

The caption of the post, which reads: “Him: ‘Be my girl please, I promise to treat you right and never hurt you,’” reveals that the lady was asked by a Nigerian man to be his girlfriend, and she accepted.

After accepting, the lady showcases the things she begins to enjoy, including moments on a plane, flaunting a wad of cash, food treats, manicured nails, a new bag, an iPhone, and several other gifts her man has spoiled her with.






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