A beautiful Nigerian lady narrowly escaped tragedy when the ceiling of her room detached and crashed onto her bed while she was sleeping.

She quickly put on a helmet afterwards.

This incident was captured in a video she shared on her page on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian lady narrowly escapes tragedy as ceiling crashes onto bed while she slept
Lady escapes death as ceiling crashes onto bed while she slept.

In the video, the lady can be heard repeatedly thanking God for sparing her life and giving her another day to live.

She explained that she couldn’t understand how the ceiling fell so close to her while she was in bed.

She added that she was lying on her bed, working on her phone and laptop, when suddenly, the ceiling collapsed and almost killed her.

However, she thanked God as it didn’t touch her and she came out unharmed, although it did damage her wardrobe slightly.

The video shows her displaying the state of her room after the tragic incident that almost claimed her life.

She then began to remove her belongings from the room, revealing that some individuals were coming over to fix the ceiling.

She mentioned that if possible, she would like to move to a new place but expressed concerns about the high cost of housing in her area.


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