Facebook user, Omotese Alex, whose daily commute took a terrifying turn as she fell victim to a one-chance robbery, shares the story a year later

The traumatic experience left her with physical and emotional scars that still linger a year later.

Facebook user shares scary story of one-chance robbery in Lagos 
Facebook user shares scary story of one-chance robbery in Lagos

Omotese, who courageously shared her story on Facebook, recalled how she had relied on a friend for rides to work but was forced to take public transport when her friend worked from home.

She opted for a wine-colored Sienna, thinking the older driver would ensure a safe journey.

However, the vehicle turned out to be involved in a one-chance operation, and she was subjected to a brutal attack.

The robbers, aged between 35 and 45, demanded her phone, bank access, and money. When she couldn’t comply, they resorted to violence, leaving her with a bleeding knee and emotional trauma.

The assailants eventually dropped her off in Ikeja, leaving her to find her way to a nearby hospital, where she was admitted for several days.

A year later, Omotese still grapples with the aftermath, including a knee that remains numb.

Her story serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of one-chance robberies and the importance of vigilance, even in seemingly safe situations.




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