A video that was shared online and is currently trending has captured the moment a side chick exposed her married boyfriend who was cheating on his wife with her.

The man got annoyed at the lady for trying to make a video of them in his car and ordered her down for trying to expose his face.

The lady who started recording the clip without his consent refused to end it even when he asked her to.

Realizing she wouldn’t stop recording them both together, he hit her phone down while telling her to get out of his car.

However, Different reactions have trailed the clip since it was shared online, while some shared that the lady had ulterior motives others praised the lady for exposing him.

Below are some of the comments,

@ryantyre:  She knew he was married – she’s just mad because he won’t leave his wife for her

@J_gooder:  What makes this even worse is I heard she is a “sex worker” …terrible customer service

@Quests_Ans:  She’s mad because the Nigga won’t leave his wife for her. This was a mission.

@BreeHermes:  She thought this was a flex? He’s married and you still fw him & provoking him but if he retaliates then she’ll be the victim …. Stop putting yourself in situations like this

Watch the video below,


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