A Nigerian lady has shared via the microblogging platform X why she thinks Nigerian men prefer to marry women from other countries.

According to her, Nigerian men go for women in other countries because they don’t monetize their love.

The lady believes that Nigerian ladies have turned relationships into a poverty alleviation and money-making scheme.

She also added that if Nigerian ladies do not desist from these acts, a large number of them would end up unmarried.

She wrote;

“Nigerian men are marrying from other countries cos they lose interest in Nigerian women when they encounter beautiful women from other countries who don’t monetize love. Already, Nigerian men are considered a catch by women in other countries so this is just the beginning. There would be an epidemic of unmarried women in Nigeria if women don’t stop this culture of commercializing love and prostitution disguised as dating. A 20-year-old girl already has needs she thinks a man should meet cos she thinks that’s the norm. This is only seen in Nigeria.”


While some supported the lady’s opinion, others took to her comment section to share why they think otherwise.

Below are some of the comments,

@iamkayjaywalter:  In real life Nigerian men and women are getting married every Saturday. Just because three popular people married non-Nigerian women on social media you people are writing epistles every now and then!

@omagoodheart:  Because Nigerian ladies are not marrying foreigners too?

@sylvia_obande:  It’s the ‘only in Nigeria’ for me. Your epistle shows you clearly have not met girls from other countries when it comes to ‘ monetizing love’, Nigerian girls are still in training but keep generalizing ✌🏾


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