Man laments online as he shows off the ‘junks’ his girlfriend went to buy at a mall after giving her his ATM card to buy food for them.

The young man took to social media to lament that he had asked his girlfriend to help them get some food they’d eat since they had nothing at home.

Man cries out as he shares 'junks' girlfriend bought after giving her ATM card to buy food
Man and girlfriend.

He gave her his ATM card which she took to a mall to buy different items.

Rather than buy foodstuffs or already made meal, she had bought snacks and chocolates amongst other junks.

Netizens have reacted:

black_caramel_001 said: “The Car key on their trousersSis it oO always necessary anyways make! 220 no talk cos when I go buy my own car I go hang my key for neck”

mo__andra said: “Taa! Sending heavy stones and masssive heat from gwagwalada!”

dubbie_honcho said: “The girl sef resemble food.”

waspa_lee said: “E be like say the both of una dey oO crazee”

domingo_loso said: “Lol ain’t giving no girl my card, lol. I go rather transfer wettin you need to your aza”

Watch the video below:



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