A US-born Nigerian man, Michael Sonariwo, has shared his compelling story of how he was sent to Nigeria by his mother, who resides in the United States, after he turned 17.

Michael revealed that despite being born in the USA and holding an American passport, his mother decided he should complete part of his secondary education in Nigeria.

According to Michael, his mother was determined for him not to finish his schooling in the USA. At the age of 17, she made arrangements for his relocation to Nigeria.

US-born man heartbroken as mother ships him to Nigeria after he turns 17

Michael went on to reveal that despite his efforts to stay in the United States, his mother insisted on the move, and he eventually found himself in Lagos.

In his TikTok video, Michael shared how this relocation profoundly impacted his life.

Netizens Reactions..

@Ikechukwu said: “You must have frustrated her …. Hehehe.

@Ebuka vic said: “What did you do to your mother?

@Dharniyel said: “Bro I have a friend the dad sent to Nigeria to finish high school… biggest blessing of his life. By time he came back out of 5 friends 3 in Rickers prison 2 dead.”

@Deborah Olaleye Doyi said: “My guy, why do I have the feeling you did something back in the states to make your mum bring you to 9ja?”

@Jazzy Jean said: “It sounds like your mother tried to save your life and it looks like she did go, mom.”



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