Secondary school students have captured the attention of netizens with their exceptional and professional sports commentary skills.

In the video, the young boys exuded confidence as they delivered professional commentary on a local football match at their school, matching international standards.

Secondary school students wows netizens with amazing sports commentary skills

Online users were amazed by their impressive commentary skills, comparing their talent to that of renowned sports commentators Peter Drury and his Irish colleague, Jim Beglin.

Read some reactions below:

Jamila noted: “These kids just beat every African commentary I have ever listened to”

Haleem said: “This is amazing! Peter Drury and Jim Beglin”

Explain stated: “Put these boys in the NPFL commentary booth and aswear I’ll start watching NPFL. So much class!!”

Jedidiah noted: “they don see career already. na to use education nature am to fruition”

Somtex Jordan said: “Well all I can say is that they’re still learning. Not yet at their best but they could actually get there one day”

Ekejohnson stated: “This is the definition of Education. God bless those wonderful teachers.”

Aniekpeno Essien said: “And tomorrow like this, you go hear say them been medical doctor and barrister”

BLITZ wrote: “Wow i am wowed, just wished i am with them and in their level”

Dashing_Wrist claimed: “Omo I feel like watching the match like dis o 😁 😁”



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