Nollywood actor Zubby Michael has addressed the backlash he received for wearing a red T-shirt to the funeral of his late friend and colleague, Junior Pope.

You may recall that Zubby Michael faced heavy criticism for wearing an irregular and casual red T-shirt to his late friend’s funeral, which took place in Enugu.

Zubby Michael
Zubby Michael.

The aide to Delta State governor, Ossai Ovie Success threw jabs at Zubby Michael, describing his attire to Junior Pope’s funeral as disrespectful, annoying, and inappropriate.

Additionally, Angela Okorie, a fellow Nollywood actress who has consistently scrutinized Michael since Junior Pope’s passing, condemned his choice of clothing, suggesting he attended the funeral due to her persistent criticism rather than genuine affection for the deceased.

In response to the criticism, Zubby Michael took to his Instagram story to share a screenshot of a fan defending his attire.

The fan, @treasureking_, challenged Zubby Michael’s detractors to conduct research, emphasizing that black is not the sole appropriate color for a funeral.

He wrote: “@zubbymichael For people wey de yarn rubbish cuz u wear red Make dem browse am and know say no be only black dem de wear mourn”


Zubby Michael responds to criticism over red T-shirt at Junior Pope's funeral


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