An innocent-looking Nigerian lady has gone viral for finishing 10 packs of noodles, 2 eggs, and a bottle of soda in one sitting, as shown in a recent video circulating on popular social media platforms.

In the video, the young lady can be seen surrounded by scattered noodle packs and eggs.

Innocent-looking Nigerian lady devours 10 packs of noodles, 2 eggs, and a soda in one sitting
Nigerian lady devours 10 packs of noodles, 2 eggs, soda in one sitting.

The caption reads: “You have little one that says she can finish 10 noodles and 2 eggs at once.” The girl, wearing a red top, begins cooking the noodles, adding eggs to the pot.

Within minutes, she finishes the massive meal and even enjoys a cold drink.

Social media users expressed shock at her ability to consume such a large quantity of food in one go.

See some reactions below:

Otunba: “See person babe oh.”

All socials;bigwills_xx: “Which kind red flag 🚩🚩be this?”

Celebrity Baker: “Omooo shey she no go vomit like thiss.”

Mahoney: “Her belle na the road to heaven wtf.”

Blaqleemah: “Red flag.”

OMO MOSE: “Diz one fit chop adanwo ooo.”

oluwaseyifunmi: “she would av finished it if she didn’t drink water she tried o omo.”

Adibex: “I even think say na dog she wan cook am for wtf.”




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