A lady has come out to humiliate a man who sent her N20K to support herself after she told him she was broke.

The lady who is known as Merita Uju took to Facebook to reveal that she had messaged a male friend about her current financial situation.

lady man N20K
Couple. Photo source: iStock/Google.

She revealed that after lamenting to the man that she had no cash, the man had sent her N20K which she initially thought was N200K.

The lady stated that she got upset when she realized that what the man had sent was just N20K.

In her account, she opined that the amount was too small and can’t even keep her generator running for two days.

She wrote:

“Was sick and home for weeks, told this man I was broke.
Saw an alert I thought was 200k, only to realize later that it
was 20k.
Is it for eba?
I called him to ask what the 20k was meant for and he said
I should use it to support myself.
Support myself with 20k?
God abeg 000! Mind you, I didn’t ask/beg for this.
20k won’t even keep my gen running for 2days, talk more
of feeding and miscellaneous.
Well, I told him it wasn’t necessary and he can keep his
20k. He has been mad since then and going around telling our
mutuals that I’m ungrateful.
Yeah! I know I should appreciate the money since it’s a gift,
but they’re some gifts I can’t appreciate from some class/
caliber of people.
Call me entitled, it’s fine.
I’ll keep my gratitude for people that are worth it.
I cum in peace.”

In another post she wrote:

“This man saw my viral 20k post and didn’t
like the way I was getting dragged, so he
gave me these dollars as compensation
for the drags.
He said he was sorry for giving me
ordinary 20k and I shu tell you people to
stop dragging me •
I have forgiven hm sha.
I cum in peace ooooo!”

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