Nigerian lady bursts into tears as her 3-year relationship hits the rocks after discovering that her genotype doesn’t match that of her partner.

The video, captioned “When your genotype doesn’t match your lover after being together for 3 years so you both can’t be together anymore,” shows the tearful face of the lady as she cries profusely, punches her phone, and wipes away her tears.

"Genotype Mismatch" - Nigerian couple's 3-year relationship ends in tears over genotype discovery
Lady’s 3-year relationship ends in tears over genotype discovery.

The teary video of the heartbroken lady sparked discussions on social media, with many people storming the comment section of the post to share their thoughts after it went viral online.

See some reactions below:

Barbiecash: “Pls how much does it cost to check ones genotype.”

Seunfunmi 1010: “Omo things they happen for this life o🥺 our genotype match our star everything about us is just too perfect but his mom said am too beautiful 😞say guys go Dey rush me Omo I don cry tire.”

Anny: “3Yrs Relationship Doh End Because Of Genotype 🤣 Something Wer You For Ask From The First Date….You Dey The Order Ice Cream And Smirnoff Ice.”

Kaybeecute: “I feel like crying I swear cus is painful 😖 so sorry my dere u will find someone better than him.’

Daisy: “As AA 0+ I really can’t relate. Omo, maybe I should get more interested in this. I no wan marry AS oo.”




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