A Nigerian couple, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Udu, celebrated their union with a simple wedding ceremony, sticking to a budget of just N50k.

The couple, now known as Mr. and Mrs. Udu Lucky Obukohwo, exchanged vows on Saturday, March 16, 2024.

The inspiration for their minimalist approach to wedding planning stemmed from the advocacy of Ossai Ovie Success, a proponent of the ‘N50k marriage’ movement.

"This is beautiful" - Nigerian couple stuns many as they wed with N50k budget

This movement advocates for couples to prioritize the essence of their union over extravagant displays, especially in the face of economic hardships.

Taking to Facebook to share their joyous occasion, Udu Lucky Obukohwo expressed gratitude for the inspiration they drew from Ossai Ovie Success.

"This is beautiful" - Nigerian couple stuns many as they wed with N50k budget

He emphasized the importance of focusing on what truly matters amidst challenging economic times.

“Our 50k wedding according to Ossai Ovie Success.”

“We had our traditional wedding yesterday and decided to do something little but impactful,” groom wrote on Facebook.

“Economy hard, you wan come do pass your self join? Do your power and we all go dey alright,” he added,

Netizens Reactions…

Orji King-Maxz said; “Wow Beautiful. Congratulations. “Wedding no hard at all, na you wan feed the whole community to impress village people…” 

Susanna Okafor said; “Antenatal in a good hospital is 100k. “Just saying because I can see that she’s pregnant. I don’t even want to start with how much baby clothes and food cost.”

Opeyemi Abejide Jasper said; “Congratulations to them. “It’s not about the wedding, it’s about the marriage. “Feeding, accommodation and when children sets in, the baby food, clothes, cream, Pampers etc “I never eat sounds better than we never eat. “Make God help me.”

Moni Justin said; “Baba look well, the girl get bele that’s why they rushed. No dey deceive people.

Godwin Godswill said; “Who put the law day dey must use suit and gown do wedding?”

John Pennyson said; “Oga dem still spend pass 50k, those uniform clothes wey dem wear nor pass 40k?”

Okpara Ogbonnia Daniel said; “After all if you incur debt na on top your head.” 



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