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Mother shares secret letter her daughter wrote to teacher

A Nigerian mother has displayed the letter her little daughter who’s in basic two wrote to her class teacher.

The mother posted the photo on a popular Facebook group known as OMAMSTAR and the photo quickly went viral, sparking diverse reactions from netizens.

In her letter, the girl thanked her class teacher for doing her best to coach her very well and promised not to forget her.

In her words: “Mrs. Ferguson, thank you for teaching,me very well and to all the teachers I’ve met is also good, I thank all of them too. When I left your class this is what I will be doing to all of them and I will not forget you and your class called Basic two. Thank you very much, I want to thank you said Bisola.”

Her mother shared a photo of the letter via the Facebook group and revealed that her daughter had warned her not to read the letter.

The mother went ahead to express her shock after going through the content of her little daughter’s words to her teacher.

Sharing a photo, the mother said: “Mummies in the house, I was I was going through my daughter’s bag and I saw this letter she wrote to her teacher. I was so surprised when I saw it and she said mummy pls don’t read. Help me to give her when you’re going towards her direction.”

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