A video has surfaced online showcasing Dali Koumbe village in Mauritania, where people have been born blind across multiple generations.

In a documentary shared by the YouTuber Project Happiness, a visit was made to the village of Dali Koumbe in Mauritania.

According to one of the villagers interviewed, this lineage of blindness began ten generations ago when a woman was reportedly visited by an entity in her dreams.

Meet people born blind across generations

Allegedly, the entity foretold that she would give birth to a virtuous man without eyesight, and since then, every generation has been born blind.

Among the village’s notable residents is Sheikh Mohammed Mahmoud, whose father was also born blind.

The man revealed that despite being blind, his father Sheikh Mahmoud was the one who discovered all the water resources in Mauritania.

When asked about his role in the community, he said;

“My purpose is to teach the Quran. I learned it as a child, and now I teach it to our children. I’m also the imam of the mosque in the village. I pray with my community. This is my God-given purpose; I can’t do anything else.”

When asked how he learned the Quran without being able to read, he described the journey.

It took a long time. I went to a teacher who taught the Quran to normal children. I was welcomed as if I could see like everyone else. For me, the teacher wrote the Quran verses and read them to me repeatedly until I was able to repeat them from memory. Every day of my life was like this until I memorized the entire Quran perfectly,” he explained.

When asked about their perception of the world without sight, Sheikh Mahmoud added;

“We only sense if there is something nearby but cannot see it exactly. It’s not something we can describe. Allah has given us enough light to walk and to appreciate light as it was given to us.”




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