As 30kobo Entertainment Concept approaches its first anniversary on July 3, 2024, we have been visiting key supporters to express our gratitude.

The team met with Dr. Nerus Ihejieto, the CEO of Mendelsize Medical Diagnostic Ltd in Onne and employer of 30 kobo concept to appreciate him greatly for his support and for providing a conducive environment and a work free day for content creation for him.

We also visited Dr. Lemi Cletus, CEO of Rivportals Clinic Onne and the incoming Head of the Department of Pharmacology at Rivers State University, to show our appreciation.

In addition, 30kobo Concept paid a visit to our mentor, Surgeon Dr. Commander Tanjani Sani, the MIC of the Nigeria Naval Medical Center Onne, to thank him for his fatherly support and guidance. Due to military regulations, we are unable to post his picture in uniform.

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The team also met with Madam Adiele (the mind surgeon), the head of guidance and counseling unit at the Nigeria Naval Center, and expressed our gratitude for her tremendous support.

Finally, we visited the Head of the Laboratory Department at the Nigeria Naval Medical Center to acknowledge the department’s exceptional support.

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Lets engage his FACEBOOK


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