Aaron Simpson (born September 10th, 1978), who is known professionally as AJ, is an American singer and Songwriter who has played for so many bands in the US for more than 2 decades now..


Birth NameAaron Simpson
Also Known as AJ
BornSeptember 10th, 1978 (Leesburg, GA)
FromLeesburg, GA
OccupationSinger, Ranchhand
Alma MaterLee County c/o 1997
Year Active 2013 — Present

Early Life

AJ‘s artistic journey is imbued with the wisdom of mentors, the camaraderie of fellow artists, and the unwavering support of a vibrant musical community. As he navigates the diverse landscapes of the music industry, Aj’s path is illuminated by the profound impact of relationships forged and lessons learned along the way.

Quoting his late friend and industry luminary, Rich Young of IAM Rich Young Productions, Aj echoes the timeless adage, “Perfect practice makes Perfect.” This mantra serves as a guiding principle in Aj’s artistic pursuits, underscoring the importance of dedication, precision, and unwavering commitment to honing one’s craft to achieve excellence.

In heartfelt gratitude to all those who have contributed to his journey, Aj extends his sincere appreciation to each individual, no matter how big or small their role, for their unwavering support, encouragement, and belief in his artistic vision. From mentors like Don Hill II and David Lee to the countless artists and venue owners in Tucson and Phoenix, each person has played a vital part in shaping Aj’s evolution as an artist and propelling him towards success.

AJ‘s sentiment is one of profound gratitude and humility, as he acknowledges the collective effort and support that have propelled him to this point in his artistic journey. With a spirit of gratitude and a heart full of appreciation, Aj looks forward to the future with anticipation, embracing all opportunities that lie ahead and remaining steadfast in his commitment to artistic growth and exploration.

As Aj’s melodic journey continues to unfold, he stands as a beacon of inspiration and creativity—a testament to the transformative power of passion, mentorship, and community in the world of music. With each note played and each song sung, Aj weaves together a symphony of resilience, dedication, and boundless creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of all who have had the privilege to experience his artistry.

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