Human Like Me, popularly known as Human Like Me, is an independent band group founded by Danny page in 2014…

Human like me Mentees
Founder(s)Danny Page, James Clement-Few
Distributor(s)Empire Distribution
GenreRock and Roll
Country of originUSA
LocationPhoenix, Arizona.

More about the band group

“Human Like Me” is a Phoenix, Arizona-based band that brings together three ( 3)seasoned musicians with a wealth of experience in the music industry. With each member having played in various bands over the course of two decades, the group’s formation was a serendipitous coming together of musical talents that complement each other exquisitely.

At the helm of the band is Danny Page, who not only serves as the lead vocalist but also takes on the role of primary songwriter and bassist. Danny’s rich and emotive vocals, coupled with his talent for crafting compelling lyrics, form the backbone of “Human Like Me’s” sound. Alongside him is James Clement-Few, the band’s dynamic drummer, co-writer, and backing vocalist. James’s rhythmic precision and creative input add depth and energy to the band’s compositions, shaping their distinctive sound.

Aaron Simpson, the band’s rhythm guitarist, provides a solid foundation with his expertly crafted chord progressions and infectious rhythms, rounding out the group’s sonic landscape with finesse.

Currently immersed in the creative process, “Human Like Me” can be found in the studio, meticulously crafting their upcoming releases. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, the band is dedicated to honing their craft and pushing the boundaries of their sound. With a focus on authenticity and emotional resonance, “Human Like Me” aims to connect with audiences on a profound level through their music.

Exciting times lie ahead for the band as they gear up for an upcoming tour and prepare for radio airplay. With a shared passion for creating music that resonates with listeners, “Human Like Me” is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene, captivating audiences with their dynamic performances and infectious energy. Keep an eye out for “Human Like Me” as they continue to carve out their place in the world of music with their captivating sound and undeniable talent.


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