Lasse kurt Nielsen (born 9th October, 1972), who is known professionally as Lasse Myhre, is an Denmark solo singer and Songwriter from Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lasse Myhre

Lasse Myhre

Birth NameLasse kurt Nielsen
Better Known as Lasse Myhre
Born9th October, 1972 (Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark)
From Øster Ulslev, Guldborgsund
OccupationSinger, Busdriver
Year Active 1987-present
Parent Kirsten Myhre, Kurt Nielsen
Alma Mater– Groundschool 1980-1989
– Tecnical school 1990-1993,
– 1994 DSH music school,
– DARK musichool 1995-1998
SiblingsKristin Myhre Nielsen, Mette Myhre Nielsen

Early Life

In the heart of 1972, a musical luminary was born, known to the world as Lascii but christened Lasse Myhre. From the vibrant echoes of his childhood in 1978, where kitchen pots and pans birthed rhythmic symphonies in collaboration with Argentine friends, to the moment his mother intervened, banishing the drumsticks but igniting an eternal flame of musical passion within him, Lascii’s journey to stardom began.

The year 1984 marked a pivotal turning point as Lascii’s fingers graced his father’s Old Yamaha organ, birthing his debut composition and setting the stage for a destiny intertwined with melody and magic. Guided by his sister’s boyfriend, Kelly, a maestro of pianos and synthesizers, Lascii discovered his true calling, a path illuminated by the enchanting fusion of sound and soul.

Empowered by a synthesizer gifted by his unwavering mother in 1986, Lascii embarked on a relentless pursuit of musical mastery, combing through music stores and immersing himself in piano lessons to refine his craft. By 1991, his modest homestudio stood as a testament to his dedication, a sanctuary where dreams took flight and melodies blossomed in symphonic splendor.

Under the tutelage of the illustrious Kim Larsen, the nocturnal sage of music, Lascii delved into the depths of creation, crafting melodies with coffee and cigarettes till the break of dawn. “You do it at night with coffee and cigarettes, till the sun comes up,” Larsen would often say, encapsulating the essence of their moonlit symphonies and the transformative power of music that bound their souls together.

As the late ’80s cast its spell, Lascii’s thirst for knowledge led him to Marietta Wandall’s evening school sessions in 1987-1988, where he delved deeper into the intricacies of music theory and composition, expanding his artistic horizons and honing his craft with each lesson.

With each keystroke and chord, Lascii’s musical prowess blossomed into a force to be reckoned with, a symphonic sensation who wove tales of sound and soul that resonated with audiences worldwide. From the kitchen rhythms of his youth to the starlit jam sessions with musical luminaries, Lascii’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of passion, perseverance, and the unwavering belief in the magic of music. As a maestro of the modern age, Lascii stands tall, his synthesizers as his sword and his melodies as his shield, captivating hearts and igniting a symphony of passion and wonder in all who are touched by his artistry.


Lasse Myhre attended the following Schools, Ground school 1980-1989, Tecnical school 1990-1993, 1994 DSH music school, DARK musichool 1995-1998 all in the Demark.

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Lasse Myhre
Lasse Myhre


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