A viral video captures the heartbreaking moment a Nigerian man’s public marriage proposal meets a devastating rejection from his girlfriend.

A Nigerian man went down on one knee to propose marriage to his girlfriend and didn’t get the expected Yes.

Man slap girlfriend public proposal
Man proposes to girlfriend in public.

In the short video trending online, the man was seen on both knees when the lady landed him a loud resounding slap that was heard by everyone within earshot.

The man bent down holding his cheek as his girlfriend stormed off.

Onlookers tried to console the man, offering him words of encouragement and urging him to stand up.

Reactions have followed …

@Nature stated: “Who’s heart is boiling like mine here 😏”

@John bosco Obinna commented: “This guy disappointed brotherhood, common upper cut he no sabi”

@Mahoney wrote: “God bless this girl. make that manchi go hustle for him life”

@emmangpgwtj declared: “No woman can try this with me..”

@@teacher swag opined: “it can happen to anyone forget love is dangerous”

@Bra offside stated: “Brotherhood we just lost one man 😂😂”

@MMadric stated: “5yrs later
she🗣️: Dear God please give me my own husband, why is my own world different 😭 dear God”

@cryptobender said: “if no be say na acting she for sabi weytin gender equality means”



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