A man has broken down in tears after breaking open his piggy bank only to see most of the money he had saved since the past 12 months rotten.

The man had taken pains to save some of his cash for in a piggy bank with the hope of using it later.

Piggy bank money rotten man
Rotten money.

He revealed that he had been diligently saving his money for the past 12 months.

When he finally broke the piggy bank, he was heartbroken to see that most of the cash were already damaged.

Various denominations of 1000 naira, 500 naira and others were seen already getting decayed.

“I used Kolo to save for months when I opened and then I saw this,” he wrote.

Check out reactions …

edutex_poundz said: “Na night ! go Dey spend am small small till I spend finish”

oluwadamilolaafuwape said: “The new money does not have longevity.. It will degrade by itself.
don’t put new money inside kolo open an account u av not atm for only email
Nd transfer ur contributions there..”

nikkyo660 commented: “Maybe water entered inside the Kolo”

effedeborah wrote: “Na why I prefer PiggyVest be this.. i, zero wahala”

official__tmaureen stated: “Una never still learn for this kolo thing i, since 2021 i wash my hand comot till 78 i no know as my money waka”

milly_accessories_01 commented: “We cancel wasted effort IJN .Amen!”

builder_laycon said: “What happened to Cowrywise”

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