Beautiful young lady has sparked a serious buzz on social media after posting a photo of a food she prepared entirely by herself online.

The controversial photo, which features a dish of white rice with chicken and also what appears to be vegetables, has drawn widespread attention due to its unappetizing appearance.

The young lady, identified as Akhona N. Chonco on Facebook, initially shared the photo on her Facebook page, proudly displaying her culinary skills to her followers.

Photo of beautiful lady and the food she brags about cooking causes buzz online

Accompanying the post, she confidently boasted about her beauty and cooking skills, prompting a flurry of reactions from her followers.

“Me vs the food I cook,” she captioned the post.

The post quickly went viral, with many users expressing surprise and disappointment at the meal’s appearance.

Comments flooded in, with numerous individuals expressing that they were more captivated by the woman’s beauty than by her cooking.

Netizens Reactions…

Pantsula Ptukani said; “You’re eating rubbish my love.”

Mbem Bhuti said; “I better cook my own food myself.”

Thuzba Amo said; “I will just eat you then.”

Rich Ard said; “Xhosa you cook this rubbish.”

Masibulele Cromwell Roto said; “Don’t give Akhona your food is delicious without spice, Those people who undermine yours, they can’t even cook up theirs.NeXus bwin. Follow I love the both food,Patrick Fumo Not that bad, you’ll improve with time.”

Siyanda Oqamane said; “Hopefully you cook that for yourself.”

“I would prefer having you rather than the food.”

Gatsheni Mandla Brighton said; “Which food did you cook here or you meant boiled.”

Monica Doosen lortyom said; “The food is not hygienic I chose you my love.”

Mkhulu Jambo said; “As long as the food taste like u no pressure.”

Xolani Thaboh Mkhasibe said; “At least you able to cook”….

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