Funny Man has sparked a wave of reactions online after a video surfaced showing him making his little daughter sign a contract to stay away from boys until 2051.

The video, which quickly went viral, features the father, identified as @denricow on TikTok, humorously guiding his daughter through the signing process.

Video of man making his little daughter sign a contract to stay away from boys until 2051 causes buzz online

In the video, the father is seen giving his daughter a pen and pointing to where she should sign the contract agreeing not to have a boyfriend until she is 30 years old.

“When you make a contract for your daughter no boyfriend for 30 years.” the video’s caption read.

The scene ends with the father showing his excitement, clearly delighted with the agreement.

Netizens Reactions…

@candy said; “I have two boys. They are coming for her.”

@Omalicha said; “I been wan type wetin dey my mind so. Before I remember say me self dey enter 22 with no love life. Make una help me eeeeehhhhhh.”

@Evelyn said: “Na dem b dis ooo wey nor de let people girl children rest b dis.” 

@Gift Lambert100 said; “My lord if I may, my lord may I. My client signed those papers under duress.”

@brave_QueenEbiekpi said; “Sign moma year dey run like water, if na me na 26 contract you for sign.”

@favourosinachi3 said; “My daughter refused to sign the contract since two years ago she was born because she have already snatcched my husband away from me.

@Call me Jenny backup added; “My lord my client sign under duress, it null and void. Let’s go and come back again, court riseeeeeeeee.”


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