A Nigerian man, Tochukwu Ogbuagu has taken to social media to share photos of a dilapidated three-storey building that is fully occupied by tenants despite its visibly deteriorated condition.

Tochukwu took to Facebook to share photos of the building, situated on Ukadike Street around Agulanna axis of Aba.

The young man expressed his shock upon discovering that the building, despite being in bad state, has tenants on every floor.

Photos of dilapidated three-storey building fully occupied by tenants stir serious concerns

The photos shared by Tochukwu depicts a building clearly exhibiting signs of neglect, with visible cracks, weathered paint, and other structural issues that raise serious safety concerns for its occupants.

‘’You can’t believe that this 3 STOREY building is fully filled with tenants from downstairs to the last floor. Somewhere in Aba around ukadike street inside agulanna axis. Just wanna update you guys. This life no just balance. Some landlords need to be invited just to know the colour of their problem,” the man wrote.

Netizens Reactions…

Nasiba Sulieman said; “Landlord may be probably dead. Children cannot maintain the structure.”

Omoola said; “Do your research very well. It possible all the tenants are all leaving there for free.”

Manza said; “Nothing is in Nigeria when it comes to housing property you must pay.”

Anonymous remarked; “Stupid Africans. A simple renovation of a building, you retards can’t even figure out. Black men are truly a waste..other races of men have built their societies to livable standards for their women and children and you animalistic violent losers are still worried about controlling women, and having sex with as many women as possible. Black women should truly abandon black men in droves all over the world. Black men aren’t human beings, rather they’re mentally stunted animals who have contributed absolutely nothing substantive to society in centuries

.Adios said; “That building doesn’t look dilapidated. It’s just an old building suffering from accute lack of maintenance.”

Ehiz said; “Come lagos you go know say this one na mansion.

anthony ihenka replied; “Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣.”

Pinky said; “It’s not the landlords fault. It’s the tenants that don’t value their lives you should blame.”


See more photos below;
Photos of dilapidated three-storey building fully occupied by tenants stir serious concerns Photos of dilapidated three-storey building fully occupied by tenants stir serious concerns   




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