A Nigerian man who appeared severely malnourished has made a heartfelt plea for help, expressing his desperate struggle with hunger.

In a video he shared on the internet, the man with no shirt on asserted that he has nothing to eat and is seriously hungry at the moment.

Nigerian man looking malnourished cries out for help over hunger

Despite his apparent situation, many viewers expressed skepticism, questioning how he managed to afford a data subscription to make and share the video himself.

Reactions trailing the video…

Damilare Sabram said: “Tatoo, fine hair cut, data, and smartphone. Kin tewo, nteeee💀”

Uzane wrote: “even if na toothpaste go lick my bro”

Ogbeni Olabode wrote: “Una sure say nor be filter be this thing”

Mazi Ikanako wrote: “Good.. And you still get money buy data. Energy take dey browse. Strength take make video. Time to read and make tweet …..If Hunger no kill you there, make I naked baff. Rubbish!! with that Photoshop image.😅😂😂”

Charlexcasa said: “I doubt if is hunger that did this to him. It must be what he has been smoking without eating well enough.”

RICHIE noted: “This isn’t malnutrition, result gotten from illicit drug consumption.”

Precious observed: “This is filter his forehead looks fresh and his tattoo is standing out from his skin”



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