A tricycle rider, also known as a Marwa rider, sparked a conversation on social media as he maintained that he earns ₦6,000 riding a tricycle for 2 hours, asserting that the business is better than a teaching job.

This was contained in a video captioned: “Keke Marwa driving is better than a teaching job.”

"In 2 hours, I make ₦6,000" - Tricycle rider claims to earn over ₦6,000 in 2 hours, challenges teaching job pay
Tricycle rider claims to earn ₦6,000 in 2 hours.

In the video, the man could be heard explaining that he earns a lot from the tricycle driving business, making over ₦6,000 in just 2 hours and a large amount in a day.

He went on to add that if this is compared to the job of a teacher, it would be realized that in terms of pay, being a tricycle rider is better and more profitable.

His statement attracted the attention of many social media users who stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

user3945763272348: “After deducting 6k from salary as a teacher my balance na 394k oya advice me.”

samueldenis461: “after 10years the results will come out between marwa person and teachers just dey play.”

MOL: “I get 35k delivery every week, don’t joke with those people they’re making money from it.”

DML: “You no go deliver?? Una no go buy medicine? Tire burst you no go do am ??”

ola senior: “don’t worry teacher self go add school feel to your children school feel.”

tytan: “And you pay school fees . why not carry all your generation to start maruwa from age 2. its not all about money.”

@OmoAkin: “Haaaa affa from Ijede,it’s been a while,my regard to everyone over there especially Affa Dele.i have never regret for been once Maruwa operator,we thank Allah.”

Adenike Florence Ido: “Ok Don’t allow ur children go to school ooo oga start teaching them Maruwa work😂😂😂u will learn.”

InnocentBen: “One thing commercial drivers and operators don’t know is the fact that d moni dey make on daily basis is not all there’s, some part of it will be used.”





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