Oludipe David, known professionally as Spyro, has issued a cautionary message to men regarding the allure and potential deceit of beautiful women.

The singer took to his Instagram page to share his insights, urging men to be wary of the facades that beauty can often conceal.

In his post, Spyro pointed out the paradox of beauty, suggesting that behind the captivating exterior of some women lie the most treacherous intentions.

Spyro warns men about deception of beautiful women

He emphasized the rarity of finding a woman who possesses both physical attractiveness and intelligence, advising men to cherish such companionship if they are fortunate enough to encounter it.

Drawing parallels to biblical references, Spyro likened the allure of beauty to the deceptive nature of the devil himself.

He challenged the conventional depiction of Satan with horns and tails, asserting that the devil often masquerades as an angel of light.

In his words;

“The most terrible of women are often the extremely beautiful ones. If you have a beautiful woman with brains, please keep her because there are a few of them left and vice versa.”

“The devil was described as the most beautiful Angel. He finds his best expression in beauty. Everything beautiful was created by God but beware, the devil is the author of corruption and deceit, so this theology of the devil with horns and tails is wrong, even the Bible says in 2 Cor 11:14 ‘No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an Angel of light’.

“My generation is constantly looking for the black devil with horns and tails. when in the real sense the devil is advanced, working behind a lot of pretty faces that we date, talk to and commune with. Beware, stay vigilant, and stay prayed up.”

See below;

Spyro warns men about deception of beautiful women




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