Popular singer, Speed Darlington expresses pain after taking a beautiful lady out on a date only to end up spending N85K without touching anything.

This came weeks after the singer made a public announcement about his search for a serious girlfriend whom he hopes to marry.

Speed Darlington

In a recent post, Speed Darlington went on a first date with a singer who shared adorable moments from their time out; both smiling like love birds.

However, following the date, Akpi as fondly called by fans lamented the exorbitant amount he spent on the date despite not touching her.

“This money divide into two can get me a nice girl from Total overnight and I don’t even have to feed her. Smh,” he captioned the video.

Speed Darlington in pain after spending N85K on first date with lady

In the video he could be heard ranting about his date, “See me wey say i no go spend pass N5K on a date because first date is about getting to know the person; it’s not about ‘look at me, I’m so loaded’. N85K on a date I no even squeeze yansh or breast. Okay half na me, but still N42K on someone I no dey see hin bra, I don fcck up.”

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