Nigerian skitmaker, Shank, causes buzz online with his advice to British men on how to get into a relationship with a Nigerian woman.

The content creator revealed this in a podcast episode with two British men.

One of the men shared how he has never been opportuned to visit Nigeria but would like to do so soon.

Shank encouraged his visit but not before warning him on what to expect if he wants to be with a Nigerian woman.

Shank reveals the easiest way to date a Nigerian woman
Content creator and skit maker, Shank.

He claimed that Nigerian women are all about money and they don’t care about looks.

Shank believes that most women in the country are only impressed by money and that it is needed to find love with them.

See some reactions to his controversial statement

@Olamilekan_121 asked: “Going abroad to talk shit about his country girls is content too?”

@toyone_couture opined: “I think this guy is selling our girls to the world cheap but then what do I know”

@ayomiii_ said: “I know a lot of girls will disagree but he’s actually saying the truth !”

@Queen_Aeesha stated: “Shank has a girlfriend, is he saying he got his girlfriend with money???”

@addel_cares commented: “Sad reality, but it is the truth, and the funniest part is that our ladies don’t know the negative effects this is actually having on them.”

Watch the video here



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