Reality star Doyin has sparked controversy once more by advising ladies not to date guys who are struggling financially.

Doyin reiterated her position on Snapchat just a day after making her earlier comments on the matter, advising young ladies not to date financially unstable males.

She contended that when these guys eventually become wealthy, they might discover that their partners are not genuinely suitable with them.

According to Doyin, the ones who suffer in such situations are understanding girlfriends.

“Nobody suffers more than an understanding girlfriend in this life” – Doyin says
Doyin David, Reality star. source: Google

Doyin urged women to choose financially secure men, stressing the value of selecting a mate who is likely to stick with you through good times and bad.

She related a story of a fan who thanked her for her advice and said that her relationship had improved as a result of her guidance.


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