An oyinbo man blows the mind of Nigerians as he effortlessly performs a music track of a famous Afrobeat singer, Asake without missing a single line.

A social media user identified as @hannahmaslen9 had taken to the TikTok video-sharing platform to share a video of himself vibing to a Nigerian song, ‘What’s Up My G’ by Asake.

Nigerians shocked as oyinbo man sings Asake's song word-for-word

However, many fans of the singer alleged that the caucasian man only pretended to know the song without actually singing.

In a follow-up video, the oyinbo man posted another video; this time singing Asake‘s song at the top of his voice while winning the hearts of Nigerians once and for all.

Reactions as oyinbo man sings Asake’s song flawlessly

callmelabake said: “The guy sabi sing the song pass me self 😩😩😩😩.”

Frankykaycee opined: “Just get a Nigerian girlfriend already.”

OSAZUWA noted: “I love this kinda come back 😂😂 make I give you one Yoruba name OPEYEMI.”

📍 𝗗𝙴𝗕𝗕𝙸𝗘𝗘 said: “Even me Omo Yoruba I can’t know the lyrics no be curse 😂😂.”

flashtasy reacted: “My brother, just tell the guy that comment ur name is segun naw😳wow nice🔥🥰.”

🇳🇬16.75🇺🇸 suggested: “Somebody should give this guy a plate of isiewu and palmwine 🥰.”


Replying to @Abiodun Adedire I sabi o

♬ original sound – Hannah Maslen




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