Nigerian man ends relationship with his girlfriend for her ability to do the popular acrobatic move, ‘Chinese get up’.

The screenshot of the chat was shared by user, @0xx_eth, who is a friend to the man who ended the relationship.

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They had just started dating and their relationship was still fairly new.

Man shares unusual reason he broke up with girlfriend

However, as soon as he discovered her acrobatic talent, he decided the relationship was no longer for him and broke up immediately.

See the post below

Man shares unusual reason he broke up with girlfriend

Some reactions to the post here

@JOHNIIIIZ said: “Legit reason but what 😂😂😂😂 this thing funny”

@OlaleyeTiger asked: “Why girl go sabi do that stuff me wey be guy self I no fit 😂😂”

@mysticmoche said: “Omo the guy go date Jason Statham ni sha.”

@clever_kingsley asked: “Una neva meet babe way Dey clean plug for tiger gen con start am ??”

@blackk_maggie commented: “Chinese get-up: A Kip-up, also called handspring,kick-to-stand,flip-up. That’s a very valid reason to break up cause why are you ‘summersaulting’ as a babe??”

@rosythrone added: “Isn’t he supposed to be proud of her? Be like baba don reason future beating just in case! 😂”

@gbemileke_lifted replied : “I support him 😩 It’s like my man catwalking everytime he wakes up when he’s not a model 😭”


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