Nigerian man surprises his roommates with a Ghana-Must-Go bag filled with food and drinks following his return from a wedding party.

TikTok video shared by @koko_of_portharcourt captured the young man promising his roommate to bring back a plate of food.

On his return, he brought a bag filled with various foodstuffs, and cooked meals, including expensive souvenirs.

Man flaunts bag filled with food, drinks packed from wedding party

Koko explained that his roommate managed to pack so much because he helped to share food at the wedding and was a close friend of the bride.

“Joey is the roommate. I couldn’t help but share this. He Dey among people wey share food, na him supply small chops & the bride na him close friend. The couple get money,” Koko captioned the video.

Nigerians have since flooded the comments section with their thoughts on the party food gathered by the fellow.

Reactions as man packs a bag of food, drinks at wedding party

Miracle stated: “I can relate, this is how my brother does it but the difference is that he sells his wine.”

Oma King wrote: “I go burial if u see food wey i carry ehh. One week food choke my lodgemates off.”

chizzy55 penned: “No try use igbo children play. Food supplus (onye oshi remember bring food for u).”

Makira added: “Sharp guy, na so I enter wedding dem no invite me for on Saturday eat two plates of food.”


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