Nigerian Lady gets emotional as she finally gains admission into the university at the age of 25 after many years of writing JAMB.

The lady was filled with mixed emotions after she finally gained admission as she lamented how her mates had already gotten admission years ago.

lady admission 25 university
Lady finally gets admission at 25.

While being thankful for having gained admission, she expressed hope entering school at the same time with her mates in another world.

The lady captioned:

“Maybe in another world, I would gain admission when my mates gain theirs so I won’t have to do matriculation at twenty-five when my mates don forget say em go skul and get laughed at about it. But I am still super grateful to God and happy.”

Read some comments below:

his mercy said: “Babe, don’t even think about what others think about you; I will be 26 by August and still praying to get admission.”

A mo pe❤️ said: “23yrs still home hustling hoping in my next life I gain admission when my mates are gaining it hurts o bad seeing other’s graduating God knows the best.”

‍♀️STRICTLY MEN said: “Does it matter? Walk through your life path with God’s ordained plans and remain focus dear. I Graduated at 29th, NYSC at 30 and got Job the following month. I overtake all of them 2 God’s Glory.”

Mary ~●○●♤♡◇27 said: “I’m 27 and yet to study my dream course. So surrender no retreat. I won’t give up on my dream.”

Eight said: “Comparison is the thief of joy…. and where you’re right now at this moment you’re supposed to be there to learn something for some day…. there’s no coincidence in life…”



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