Nigerian pilgrims express their dissatisfaction as they lament over the quality of food served to them in Saudi Arabia despite the N8M Hajj fee.

The report was made by a Nigerian netizen Babagana Digima in a post he made on his Facebook page.

Pilgrims food Saudi Arabia N8M hajj
Food served to pilgrims. Credit: Babagana Digima (Facebook).

Sharing the photo of the alleged food, he revealed that the meal was what the pilgrims were served today May 28th despite N8M they paid for the Hajj.

The man added that the $300 that was promised to be given to them by the authorities hasn’t been received by the pilgrims.

He wrote …

“After paying N8m for Hajj see the breakfast that our pilgrims are being given! Nahcon Nigeria Fatima Mustapha. This what was given today 28th May 2024. In fact some pilgrims have already started begging to get money to buy food because even their remaining $300 that was promised to be paid to them in Saudi (out of $500) is not forthcoming from the authorities!”

see post below …



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