Nigerian dancer and entertainer, Kafayat Shafau, better known as Kaffy has stated that she gets more support and affection from guys than from women.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Kaffy disclosed this and added that becoming a dancer has caused her to lose some close friendships.

Dancer Kaffy slams

According to the Guinness World Record holder, the biggest sacrifice she had to make when she decided to pursue dance full-time was breaking into that door that did not exist, as dance was neither a mainstream nor a financially feasible job.

The expert choreographer also criticised how women in the entertainment sector were frequently treated like sexual objects.

Kaffy said; “I have got more admiration and support from men, than women. It came after a bit of resistance, which is normal, because there will always be some of resistance when one newly gets into a field.”

Taking on a career without any gender focus is already tough. As a dancer, the only place we were appreciated was when we were displaying for the National Troupe, or when were called by a governor for a national assignment. Dancing was not a mainstream career, neither was it commercially viable.

Breaking into that door that did not exist was the main sacrifice for me, as well as the pain of losing family friends and people around me. I was practically isolated. There even some people who initially supported me, but withdraw their support because they did not see what I was seeing.”

As a woman, one is often asked what value one brings to the table to be considered with one’s male peers. I struggled a lot with that, because while expressing myself, I had to deal with music directors, editors and different stakeholders who felt one’s opinion was not necessary.

But one of the things that helped me was the fact that I am highly educated and intellectual enough to express my ideas and implement them in ways that earned me respect. I was also hands on with whatever I said.”


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