Popular BBNaija star, Dotun voices his disappointment over young people’s declining familiarity with Nigerian culture and language.

He expressed his dissatisfaction that some Nigerians are unable to speak their mother tongue or native language, and they do not find it bad.

It’s sad that average Nigerians can’t speak their native language – Dotun
Dotun. Photo source: Instagram.

Dotun stated in a recent statement that the dominant impact of Western culture is the main cause of the fact that many young people are unfamiliar with their own culture.


He acknowledged, though, that he somewhat fits the description of someone who cannot speak Yoruba, but he said he is somewhat better because he can speak the language to some level.

Since their culture is what defines them as Nigerians, the reality star counseled young people to embrace western heritage without sacrificing their Nigerian identity.

Dotun said;

“An average Nigerian probably doesn’t know how to speak their native language which is quite sad. Even as easy as Yoruba is, some people can’t speak it.

I might be guilty as well but at least I can speak to an extent. It’s sad that we are losing this touch because some people can’t even put two sentences together.

I feel like as much as we want to claim more to the western culture we should not let go of our roots because our culture is what makes us Nigerians. Even the western world wants to tap into our culture because they enjoy what we can offer and it is evident in their music.”


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