Clip that has sparked outrage online shows a nurse making a video of a pregnant woman who was in labour.

The unidentified lady was seen in her nurse uniform at the hospital with the pregnant woman who was in the hospital bed.

nurse pregnant woman recording video The pregnant woman was clearly seen experiencing pregnancy contractions.

The nurse however continued making video of the pregnant woman and smiling.

Reactions have followed…

okehonyekachichukwuemeka said: “This sick student Nurse should be sanctioned immediately. Who gave her the consent to publish a patient’s image in distress online?”

charliehunnam4963 remarked: “I think camera phones should be banned 🚫 in Nigeria I don’t understand the society we are building, everybody wants to video I have seen accidents victims instead of people around to help some of them was busy doing video while someone was trap inside the car shouting for help, this video something was the reason jnr Pope died negligence is the order of the day, this nurse should face the law and her license should be taken”

officialdorine22 said: “When the take your license from you, your eyes go clear.”

dinzzy1b commented: “I know a lot of people would skip this question… Do you love believe in God ?”

Watch the video below …





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