Famous filmmaker and actor, Ugezu Ugezu has pondered upon the possible reason behind transwoman, Bobrisky‘s recognition as the Best Dressed Female at a movie premiere.

Gistreel reported earlier that Bobrisky won the title of Best Dressed Female at the “Beast of Two Worlds” movie premiere, which also featured a number of other elegantly attired female celebrities. Afterwards, he received a cheque for one million naira.

Ugezu Ugezu
Ugezu J. Ugezu

In reaction, Ugezu Ugezu noted that many people in the country have lost it because how can a man win the price of the Best Dressed Female in an event organized by human beings.

He further asserted that this is a slap on the faces of women working hard to better themselves daily.


In his words: “So many people have lost it. HOW CAN A MAN WIN THE PRICE FOR “THE BEST DRESSED FEMALE” IN AN EVENT ORGANIZED BY HUMAN BEINGS? Is this sincerely not a slap on the faces of our women who are working hard everyday to be the best of themselves? Sometimes, I pause and ponder, where are we headed in this country? No be government do this one oooo. Na we just dey mumu dey insult our country.”


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