38-year-old woman stirs reactions as she stands by the roadside to search for husband after prolonged singleness.

Photos of the desperate woman was seen trending on social media pages.

38-year-old woman husband
Woman in search for husband.

The lady was apparently tired of being single and unmarried and decided to remedy her condition.

She was seen holding a placard that announced her request to passersby on the street.

38-year-old woman husband The desperate woman wrote that she’s 38-years-old and is in need of a husband to call her own.

Mixed reactions have followed as netizens wonder about the desperation that has pushed her into such a move.

Read some comments below:


@kayzywizzzy said: “This is a red flag to all men, she jus lost the chance to get a man”

@Osebify said: “As she was busy eating shawarma and pepper soup and bear from one semi rich man to the other and rejecting good prospect because they were not rich, we kept quit. Let her come back when she is 50.”

@oluwafero_1 said: “Shilo go too full this year 😂”

@A_Abby_Abi said: “If it’s not attention seeking due to joblessness, I don’t know what this is.
Such a shame”

@Na2iVe said: “In few years to come , many rejecting potential suitors because of unrealistic standards will find themselves in this position , and at the end they shall console themselves with “Marriage is not an achievement “ 😂”




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