An oyinbo man has been seen expressing his disappointment to his Nigerian wife for deceiving him about having an enjoyable village life.

In a video shared on Instagram, the white man popularly known as Oyinbo was seen washing a heap of dirty clothes.

While washing, he lamented to his wife for deceiving him that there was a washing machine in the village and hence wouldn’t have to stress himself.

However, it appeared his wife deceived him as he was seen washing himself while his wife was heard in the background instructing him on how to wash the clothes clean.

Disappointed oyibo man laments to wife for deceiving him after she gives him a taste of village life
Oyinbo man made to wash in village

In another scene, the oyinbo was seen at the farm tilling the ground with a hoe while it rained heavily. His Nigerian wife was heard in the background encouraging him while teaching him how to farm well.



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