Famous on-air personality Nedu has pleaded with his gym buddies in a recent video he shared on his Instagram page that they should normalize using body sprays when coming to the gym.

The internet personality who appeared frustrated by how some of his gym buddies smell, encouraged them to buy body deodorants.

He could be heard admonishing people who regularly visit the gym to use body deodorants when coming.

Nedu went on to complain about how some of his gym buddies look attractive but smell horribly, describing the stench of the smell as ‘soakaway and dead rat’.

In another part of the video, he could be heard saying;

“Please, does of you that go to the gym or come to the gym, I beg you in the name of God, when you’re coming to the gym please do something it is very very important spray body spray, how much is body spray? Fine boy, fine girl you are coming to gym you are smelling like somebody that swallowed soakaway, you’re smelling like somebody that rat died inside of you and to make the matter worse some of you would be carrying camera, doing gym influencers and you would be raising your hand meanwhile the thing is coming from your armpit it’s ungodly, help us. How much is body spray it’s not expensive”

While some internet users found the video hilarious, others supported Nedu stating the reasons why people smell badly at the gym.

Watch the video below,


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