Nigerian lady who operates a POS shed tears after being scammed by a customer who came to deposit ₦90,000, but hours later, she discovered that the money was actually ₦7,600 in ₦100 notes.

The lady explained that she counted the money before proceeding with the transaction.

"My hard earned money, gone just like that" - Nigerian POS operator scammed as ₦90k deposit turns into ₦7.6k
Nigerian POS operator scammed as ₦90k deposit turns into ₦7.6k.

Later, when another customer wanted to withdraw money, she realized that the ₦90,000 deposit had been replaced with ₦100 notes, totaling ₦7,600.

In her own words: “I was scammed today 😭 Someone came to do a POS deposit of ₦90,000, and I counted the cash he brought, which was complete. I sent the money to his account.”

“But a few hours later, when I opened the wrapping to give cash to another customer, I found that the money had turned into ₦100 notes, totaling ₦7,600. 😭😭😭 My hard-earned money gone just like that.”

Her statement drew attention from several social media users who shared their thoughts in the comments.

See some reactions below:

Oma: “same thing happened to me mine was paper, but thank it’s pending the money later reversed back. the just dey for the black nylon.”

Mhiz JOSHTV: “Mine was 50k I almost died of heart attack because that my hard earned money.”

user9488808532626: “my dear i dont even make deposit of 50k not to talk of 90k. Ur least should be 25k except i know u too well. so sorry for this.”



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