Famous Media personality and podcaster Nedu has denied he hates women, following a war of words with actress Yvonne Jegede on his podcast “The Honest Bunch”.

The controversial OAP clarified that he has a female manager, three daughters and mostly works with women, making it impossible for him to hate women.

He acknowledged that some of his past statements may have been misinterpreted, but stressed that he has utmost respect and genuine care for women.

This comes after Yvonne Jegede accused him of dragging her on the podcast, leading to a public apology and heavy backlash.

He said:

“In the past episodes [of The Honest Bunch podcast], I must have said some things that upset a few people that has led to some of you saying I hate women.

“I don’t hate women. I don’t. My manager is a woman, I’ve got three beautiful daughters, and pretty much everyone around me is a woman. So I don’t know where all that thinking is coming from.”


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