A new mom sparked conversation online by revealing her pregnancy anger and sharing a video of her baby‘s matching angry face on social media.

In the video, the woman displayed her own angry face and captioned it with an explanation of her situation: “You was angry your whole pregnancy,” implying that she consistently showed signs of anger during her pregnancy.

New mom who was angry throughout pregnancy sparks controversy online with baby's angry face reveal
New mom who was angry throughout pregnancy shows baby’s angry face.

She then showed her baby’s face, which was not smiling but displaying signs of an angry expression.

The mother’s post and the expression on the new baby’s face attracted the attention of many social media users, who have flooded the comments section with their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

daisyhankton: “I was angry & my baby wont stop smiling😭😂.”

oddestee: “Why he look at you up and down like that tho🤣🤣. You had 1 thing to say wrong 🤣.”

🦋Janayyy🦋: “I’m trying to work on my attitude I’m having a Scorpio I’m scared girl 😭😭.”

GINAA♡🇭🇹: “Omggg bro my daughter stays with a stank face😩😂😂, everyone who came around me irritated me!.”

sharicecrosby237: “Let me stop being mean lol , he is too cute to 😂😂😍😍.”

JOY: “I was angry my whole pregnancy and my baby laughs/smiles 24/7 since birth 😆.”

Loanny Perez: “My daughter just as mean as a toddler too lmaoo I hope this boy come out nice like his dad 🤣.”

Yani36: “This was definitely me….now my soon to be 14 year old has a whole for life attitude 😩😩.”

Monidreamz: “lmao aww i fear you will not be alone my love cuz lemme tell ya!.”

IExistAgainstMyWill_87: “He is so cute❤️🥰 good job momma, mad or not lol.”

Kay: “🤣🤣🤣…Omg, see that’s why I’m trying to do better but the way these hormones set up! 😫😬.”

🤦🏾‍♀️: “My sons first picture is him flicking me off and he presses his lips and cuts his eyes. I doomed him 😩😂.”

troublemaker2378: “I was mean and upset during all four of mines. Think that’s why all my kids came out mad, and my girls have attitudes 😂😂😂.”


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