Reality sensation Doyin David has advised women to wait until marriage before billing men with all their expenses.

She believes that any act of kindness a man performs for his partner in a relationship is an act of generosity.

She emphasized that until a man and his partner get married, he is not required to be responsible for a woman’s expenses.

This was Doyin’s response to a female fan who had been rejected by her lover for calling him “stingy,” and who had come to her for advice

Doyin advises women, says men are not obligated to take responsibility for their expenses
Doyin Doyin, Reality star

Sharing the screenshot of the message via her Instagram story, she wrote: “I don’t think he’s stingy because he doesn’t randomly give you money. If you have a man that gives to you when you ask then you’re lucky to have a responsible man but he doesn’t owe you random money just because you are his girlfriend. [sic].

“Until a man has married you, he is not obligated to be responsible for you….whatever he does is out of the generosity of his heart but you should never feel entitled to his money.

“Don’t let the internet deceive you, it’s nice to have a man who is intentional with his generosity but it’s not your birthright. There is nothing genetically programmed in a man that makes it easier for him to make money than a woman.

“It’s not easy to make money, so no one wants to keep spending ‘randomly’. If you need random money, please get a job.”




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