A hardcore fan takes his admiration to the next level as he gets a striking tattoo of Verydarkman’s face on his chest.

The devoted fan of the controversial critic decided to express his admiration openly by getting his face emblazoned on his chest.

Verydarkman's face tattoos fan man
Verydarkman tattoo.

A clip that was shared online shows the moment the fan was getting Verydarkman’s face tattooed on his chest.

After its completion, the final work showed a striking image of Verydarkman’s face boldly tattooed on his chest.

Read comments from netizens below:

shuga_royaltyO said: “The most fuuuuuuuuuulish person on, earth”

oluchukwu____ said: “I’m doing mine tomorrow. VDM the , fearless RATEL. Okwuruola”

isaacfayoseoriginal said: “We love VDM VY VeryDarkMan is a VeryGoodMan”

blessedprinx_cosmetics said: “VDM is the weapon fashioned against oO Nigerian celebrities”

i.am.chike said: “Evidence of people that are not loved at home! no dey hard to see!”

josh321726 said: “Ashmusy once said? i, If you call police I won’t be in Nigeria”

unstoppableabt said: “People just too like this VDM more than some rich men online na that one dey pepper them”


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