Nigerian man sparks conversation as he advertises “wash and wear” condoms on a Lagos street, pricing each at #200.

This is revealed in a video making waves on a popular social media page.

Nigerian man advertises 'wash and wear' condoms on Lagos streets for ₦200 each
Nigerian man advertises ‘wash and wear’ condoms on Lagos streets for ₦200 each.

The said man, seen advertising on an unnamed street in Lagos, stopped a bus driver to promote his product.

He shows off his wares while telling the driver that the goods he sells can be washed and worn.

The driver asked, “How much?”

In response, the seller revealed the price, saying, “Na #200 only for one, wash and wear.”

While at it, another man interfered, also advertising his wares.

The video attracted the attention of many social media users, who have stormed the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below: 

@_Oluwagbona_: “The fact that they have so much in supply makes me wonder what the demand is & more interestingly WHERE TF DID THEY GET EM FROM?????”

@arrizo_squez: “Someone will buy oo. Infact ,dem get regular customers.”

@finesse_NG: “Nahhhhhh, this one is insane broo. Wtf.”

@BIGBEN13663187: “Guy that condom own na joke Sha? I mean all my 8 years in Lagos I didn’t see this ooo.”

@Naeyomi_o: “Lmao I was hoping it wasn’t Nigeria, till I heard Tinubu.”


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