Nigerian lady, Anita Chinwe Herbert has shared her experience with a solar inverter system, which she claims has transformed her home life by providing uninterrupted power during outages.

The lady took to Facebook to express her satisfaction with the solar-powered solution, stating that she has been using it for the past three months without any regrets.

In her Facebook post, Chinwe described how the solar inverter has become an indispensable part of her household, particularly during nighttime power interruptions.

Nigerian lady shows off 'cheap' solar inverter she bought, which lasts from night till morning
Anita Chinwe Herbert.

She emphasized that since installing the solar inverter, there has been no need to rely on a generator overnight, thus eliminating the discomfort caused by heat.

Chinwe shared a picture of the solar inverter setup, which she tagged as “cheap,” although she disclosed that the total cost of purchasing, installing, and wiring her room solely for the inverter amounted to over N300,000.

Despite the initial investment, Chinwe expressed that the benefits far outweigh the expenses, asserting that she has never regretted her decision to install the solar-powered system.

According to Chinwe, the solar inverter powers essential appliances such as fans, bulbs, and sockets in her home.

She highlighted its reliability, stating that when fully charged, it can last throughout the night.

In her words;

…I spent 300k+ which covers the inverter, fresh wiring in my room which is solemnly for the inverter, energy saving fan and other miscellaneous expenses.”If well charged, it can carry you till dawn.

“The inverter powers fan, sockets and bulb. Destiny said it can carry TV but I haven’t tried as there is no tv in my room.

“It’s charged with electricity and solar (sun). “It will be very nice to use in office/shop, your light will never go off because of constant sunshine…



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