An African lady claims to have found evidence in the Bible to prove that all men are liars, as she shares verses which read “All men are liars” and “Every man is a liar” in the holy book.

This is contained in a post made available on her page on a popular social media platform.

African lady finds biblical evidence proving all men are liars
African lady finds biblical evidence proving all men are liars.

In the said post, which has attracted millions of likes and thousands of shares and comments, the lady boasted of finding the evidence people have been looking for.

After boasting that she had found the evidence to prove that all men are liars in the holy book, she shared the verses where the statements can be found.

She wrote: “I found the evidence y’all been looking for: Psalms 116:11 and Romans 3:4.”

As she made the statement, her post went viral on social media, with thousands of people storming the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Diana Monie: “which book is this😀😀 I want to preach on Sunday in women’s conference.”

Morgs’: “I think he was talking about mankind as a whole.”

Jahnelia🤍: “If the Bible said it who am I😭😭😭to no believe it.”

r6ta ☆🎀💋✝️🫧: “yall gon take everything out of context 😭😭.”

layiah! 🎀: “IN GOD WE TRUST. now lemme get a amen.”

A R T I N: “so the comments don’t get it means man as humans in whole.”

Azumy🏳️‍🌈: “verse I need the verse I have to prove someone somewhere.”

Judith55: “so eve was accused of wat she did noy do. dat story of adam and eve still no clear for me.”

_beyonceee_: “guys we know it means us as humans, and mankind. The videos just for comedic relief😭.”

slit: “bro I’m pretty sure it means every human is a liar if they do not see trust in god.”

theresaaa: “I think we have to read a little more to understand the word.”



i found the evidence you’all been looking for 😅 psalms 116:11 and Romans 3:4

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